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2010-04-09 13:40:09
Last author: Nehirwen
Owner: Angelo
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Have you seen a wikipage that you think stands out above all the other wikipages here on Elf12 and that everyone should know about it? If you have, then this is the ideal place for you. At Featured Wiki, you submit wikipages that you believe go above the average page, and the Featured Wiki Bosses will review the page. If they agree with you that the page is truly awesome, then it will be given a special spot on Mainstreet for everyone to see, and the creators of the page will win the cool medal shown above.

To nonimate a page to be reviewed, please go to Featured Wiki Nominations.


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2010-04-09 [Nehirwen]: I think the medals on the left look too sloppy, so I changed them back, and justified the text for even more neatness.

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