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Elf12's Frontpage Contest

Hello to all of Elf12! <img:img/mood/208_1135047197.gif>
The Council has been very busy lately; we're remaking wiki-pages, changing graphics (including badges, wiki-page banners, official dividers and releasing the new medals), revamping the old features and making some new and exciting things for the members to do here! Which, is exactly what this news article is about. The Moogles (That's the Mogs and the Council) are very proud to present to all of you Elf12's Frontpage Contest! <img:stuff/20610_1166704129.gif>

This contest is a very special one with a long deadline, to allow the most possible entries. What is it, you wonder? <img:img/mood/5_1165025576.gif> It's a contest where we, the Council, want you, the members to design us a frontpage image of Elf12! (The frontpage image is the image you see at the login screen) Yes! You have a chance to have your artwork displayed to everyone who logs on Elf12. Now that, is amazing.

Good luck to all of you, and we hope to see many submissions on Elf12's Frontpage Contest. <img:img/mood/5_1165025519.gif>

/The Elf12 Council

Date: 2010-01-21 21:02:21
News #: 113
Reporter: Stephen

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