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Page name: What Happens Next? [Exported view] [RSS]
2010-04-09 14:18:33
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Have you ever wondered what happens after you turn the last page of a story? Here, at the What Happens Next? feature, you have the chance to write part of a story yourself. The WHN? Bosses will feature the beginning of a story (called a prompt) on Mainstreet. Each member will have the chance to submit the next part of the story that they create using their imagination to the WHN? Gallery. The WHN? Bosses will then look over all the submissions and choose one to be the next part of the story, and then the members will be able to submit more prompts to the story until it continues. So, here at What Happens Next, you are a storyteller, able to be part of a story that everyone will see on Mainstreet. (Also, if your prompt is selected, you get the cool medal above. So, give it a try!)


Enter your prompt at the WHN? Gallery.


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