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2010-02-16 12:56:03
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The Staff at Collecable Cards Inc. do many things. There are the bosses, the people who handle the store,
the tournament masters and the customer service representatives.


Badge by [blackbirdkate]

CCI Boss [Ihsahn]: Boss of Staff and Overseer of Pages.

CCI Boss [Angelo]: Boss of Staff and Overseer of Pages; handles the Store, Tournaments, Card Designs, Battle Layouts, Trading-of-Cards and more.

Lord [Tsukasa-]: Customer Service Representative.

Lord [Ritsuka]: Customer Service Representative and Designed Artwork for Cards.

These are the artists of the Cards at Collectable Cards Inc. Although these members are not true staff members,
they have helped and given the badge and title of staff for their work. Please do not message them questions.

Lady [Scarlet_Royal]

Lady [Yuriona]

Lady [thistlewood]

Lady [blackbirdkate]

Lord [Ritsuka]

Lady [Elysiann]

Lady [Paz]

Lord [zoloftzantac]

Lord [Orestez]


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