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Opened on Sunday, 25th December, 2005, at 12pm (GMT)
Welcome to Collectable Cards Incorporated! Here at Collectable Cards, you can come and purchase special cards made especially for Elf12 members. Using these cards, you can trade with other members, battle other players, or just collect them and try to get the ultimate deck. We hope you have a great time here, and remember - keep collecting, trading and battling!

 <img:stuff/Nbullet6a.jpg> CCI Registration          
 <img:stuff/Nbullet6a.jpg> How To Play          
 <img:stuff/Nbullet6a.jpg> CCI Register               
 <img:stuff/Nbullet6a.jpg> CCI: FAQ          
 <img:stuff/Nbullet6a.jpg> Collectable Card Shop          
 <img:stuff/Nbullet6a.jpg> CCI Tournament                   
 <img:stuff/Nbullet6a.jpg> CCI Staff          
 <img:stuff/Nbullet6a.jpg> CCI - Art Submissions                
 <img:stuff/Nbullet6a.jpg> Collectable Card Inc. Credits          
 <img:stuff/Nbullet6a.jpg> CCI Staffroom
Go here to sign-up!
Go here to learn how to play the game!
Go here to see how many quids you have!
Go here for answers to many common questions!
Go here to buy cards!
Go here to join in the Tournament!
Keep this page on watch to see the news at CCI!
Go here to see who can help you at CCI!
Go here if you want to submit a card!
Go here to see who made what cards at CCI!
This page is staff only!


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2010-04-20 [*Phoenix*]: Hmm. I was going to "officialize" the subpages, but I can't....

2010-04-22 [Angelo]: Now you can! ;o)

2010-04-23 [*Phoenix*]: I noticed!!! Thanks so much!

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