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So, have you been a little bored here on Elf12 lately? Maybe you're confused on what you can do right now, with all the changes taking way. Well, here's a small list of some of the many different features that you can take part in... <img:img/mood/3_1116960286.jpg>
- The Monthly Coloring Page is a great place to color a picture and relax.
- What Happens Next? is a prompt-based story, always looking for more entries.
- The Jokes are member-submission based and featured on Mainstreet.
- The Daily Poem is the counterpart to Jokes, for all you poets.
- On Riddles you answer a few logic questions to show everyone thinking is your thing.
- At Collectable Cards Inc. you can play a fun trading card game.
- The Elf12 Awards are the place to nominate great members for medals.
- At the Elf12 Treasure Hunt members look for a hidden page; and win awards.
- At Featured Wiki you can nominate a wikipage to be featured on Mainstreet.
- At Featured Art you can nominate a piece of art to be featured on Mainstreet.
Remember Council members.. you can enter these, too!

So everyone, go out and look around.. and remember to have fun!

Date: 2010-02-16 13:19:07
News #: 114
Reporter: Stephen

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