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Monthly Coloring Page

The Monthly Coloring Page has been updated again, thanks to our not-so-punctual Image Boss, [Adon]. First, the winners of the previous month's page..

First Place Image, 14 and under submissions
[Katana the Cat]
First Place, 15 and over submissions
[Akane Ice]

Congratulations to our last month's winners! They did a fantastic job on their coloring images!

Now, here's the picture to be colored for this month, made by the talented [Yuriona]...


So, for all you artistic types out there.. get ready to color this picture and submit it, and remember.. if you win, you'll get a really nice medal and your winning image is shown on Mainstreet.

Date: 2010-04-22 07:33:20
News #: 116
Reporter: Adon

Official Contests!

The Elf12 Council is proud to present to you the following official contests! <img:stuff/z/5/ET%2520Emotions/silly.gif>

- The Elf12 Official Easter Contest! Deadline will be announced when there are more entries.
This is our (slightly late released) Easter Contest, this year themed of bunnies. You can enter in the Art, Poetry and Photography categories, with badges for the winners. All ages and all members invited to join in this contest!

- Elf12's Frontpage Contest! Deadline: Jan 1, 2011.
<news:Elf12's Frontpage Contest>

There's more to do around here, of course. See <news:Elf12 Features!> for some of them, but they above are official contests hosted by Crew-members and give special badges to the winners.

Remember everyone! If you have any ideas, or want to make a contest of yours official... post on suggestions.

Date: 2010-04-06 03:46:00
News #: 115
Reporter: Stephen

Elf12 Features!

So, have you been a little bored here on Elf12 lately? Maybe you're confused on what you can do right now, with all the changes taking way. Well, here's a small list of some of the many different features that you can take part in... <img:img/mood/3_1116960286.jpg>
- The Monthly Coloring Page is a great place to color a picture and relax.
- What Happens Next? is a prompt-based story, always looking for more entries.
- The Jokes are member-submission based and featured on Mainstreet.
- The Daily Poem is the counterpart to Jokes, for all you poets.
- On Riddles you answer a few logic questions to show everyone thinking is your thing.
- At Collectable Cards Inc. you can play a fun trading card game.
- The Elf12 Awards are the place to nominate great members for medals.
- At the Elf12 Treasure Hunt members look for a hidden page; and win awards.
- At Featured Wiki you can nominate a wikipage to be featured on Mainstreet.
- At Featured Art you can nominate a piece of art to be featured on Mainstreet.
Remember Council members.. you can enter these, too!

So everyone, go out and look around.. and remember to have fun!

Date: 2010-02-16 13:19:07
News #: 114
Reporter: Stephen

Elf12's Frontpage Contest

Hello to all of Elf12! <img:img/mood/208_1135047197.gif>
The Council has been very busy lately; we're remaking wiki-pages, changing graphics (including badges, wiki-page banners, official dividers and releasing the new medals), revamping the old features and making some new and exciting things for the members to do here! Which, is exactly what this news article is about. The Moogles (That's the Mogs and the Council) are very proud to present to all of you Elf12's Frontpage Contest! <img:stuff/20610_1166704129.gif>

This contest is a very special one with a long deadline, to allow the most possible entries. What is it, you wonder? <img:img/mood/5_1165025576.gif> It's a contest where we, the Council, want you, the members to design us a frontpage image of Elf12! (The frontpage image is the image you see at the login screen) Yes! You have a chance to have your artwork displayed to everyone who logs on Elf12. Now that, is amazing.

Good luck to all of you, and we hope to see many submissions on Elf12's Frontpage Contest. <img:img/mood/5_1165025519.gif>

/The Elf12 Council

Date: 2010-01-21 21:02:21
News #: 113
Reporter: Stephen
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